Tech and Boundaries: Parenting in the Digital Era

The Shadow of Technology

I hope you enjoy the podcast from January 2017, when I visited Dr. Viado on her weekly show.
The topic of discussion was the Shadow of Technology

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Dr. Beier was drawn into his work with technology and why its meaningful to him
  • People blocking out the things they don’t want to look at 
  • The role of and challenges to Self in an online world
  • Becoming distant from the natural world
  • How overuse of Facebook can lead to depression and anxiety
  • Exclusion of other parts of life for an online presence
  • The adolescent parade in the media
  • The online staging of one’s self
  • The disruptive effects technology has on our human interactions
  • Narcissism, particularly on social media
  • What are persona and individuation?
  • Neurotic suffering and what that can look like
  • Consequences of binge watching and excessive gaming
  • The emphasis on the external and how it’s a hindrance to internal work
  • The various definitions of psyche